Frequently Asked Questions


What's this issue all about

One of the greatest joys in life is having a baby.  Unfortunately, many New York families that want and try to have a baby can’t because of infertility.  Infertility is a disease that affects more than 440,000 women, and their partners, in New York.

Why does infertility matter to me in NY

New York families everywhere in our state are impacted by infertility, which affects both women and men. 1 out of 8 — over 12% — of families of childbearing age cannot have a baby because of infertility. There are families suffering from infertility in every New York community, regardless of geography, income or skin color.

What can be done to help families with infertility

The good news is that with modern medical advances, the highest percentage ever of men and women with infertility problems can be helped to have a baby, creating many happy families. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is now considered the standard of care for many infertility cases. These more effective treatments have made single births vastly more likely (and multiple births, twins, triplets less likely) and thereby, help keep costs down.

Why do families need our help

New York families everywhere in our state are impacted by infertility, which affects both women and men.  1 out of 8 — over 12% — of families of childbearing age cannot have a baby because of infertility.  There are likely families suffering from infertility in every community and organization in New York.

How can I help

Like other diseases, health insurance should cover infertility treatments because they are cost-effective, often very successful and, most of all, they help bring a new baby into a caring family.

Join us and tell the New York Legislature to help our state’s families by requiring health insurers to cover fertility medical treatments that are recommended by doctors based on the ages of the patients and the medical diagnosis. The additional cost to a health insurance policy would be very small and far outweighs the benefits to families and society.


Can my joining the Coalition really help the cause

Yes! Your voice – along with others from around state will help send a message to the Legislature and the Governor that #FAFTA must be passed this year. The more that people speak out, the more likely that this pro-baby, pro-family health insurance coverage becomes law. There are no contributions involved-just listing your group as a member of the coalition on the attached letter to the New York Legislature.


What does fertility preservation have to do with cancer

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can cause infertility. Approximately 10% of all new cancer patients are diagnosed while they are still in their reproductive years – under age 45. For many of these patients, the treatment they need to save their lives might make them infertile, so they need to think about sperm banking and egg freezing in order to protect their ability to have children in the future.


Who else supports FAFTA

Statewide and local groups have already joined (see logos below). All these groups have a variety of other legislative issues they care about, but supporting pro-baby legislation to help couples have a baby is something that unites all of them. The variety of groups reflects how important helping couples have a baby is.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a non-profit, charitable organization that works to improve the lives of women and men living with infertility. The largest charity that comprehensively addresses young adult cancer through advocacy, research, support, outreach, awareness, mobile health and social media, the non-profit, Stupid Cancer, also supports our effort.