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We are poised to get this over the finish line in 2019.  In 2018, we had two overwhelming votes in favor of passing #FAFTA, one in the Assembly and one in the Senate, where #FAFTA passed 51-9.

To accomplish this, many people and organizations came together to overcome several significant obstacles, obstacles that might have prevented this year being the year FAFTA finally became a law, but which did not prevent us from moving forward significantly.

We still may have the same success in 2019 that we all worked for in 2018. The effective date of this year’s bill of Jan 2, 2020 may be still attainable for IVF and fertility preservation coverage if the New York State Legislature takes early action and passes FAFTA in the beginning of the 2019 session.

Thank you to thousands of organizations, individuals, doctors, patients, family and friends that made such an incredible effort in the first half 2018. We cannot relax. Help for the thousands of New Yorkers that suffer from infertility is almost here. #FAFTA2019HereWeCome!

Why Families Need Your Help

Some families can only have a baby with modern infertility treatments

These treatments are not required to be covered by health insurance in New York

We support passage in the New York Senate of the pro-woman, pro-baby, pro-family legislation S8841 to update New York infertility coverage, so health insurers must cover the costs of modern, effective treatments for women who want a baby and haven’t been successful using other infertility methods. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) coverage many women’s only hope to a baby.  

The legislation also covers women with cancer where treatment of their cancer could cause them to lose their ability to have a baby. Fertility preservation is their only hope to have a baby.

Impact of updated New York fertility law on insurance premiums, just $.55 per month or $6.60 per member for the entire year.

“Improvements in cancer treatment have made it possible for more people to live longer, healthier lives after cancer. But many of these new therapies also carry a risk of affecting the ability to have children…In 2014, approximately 500 men and 900 women ages 18-45 began treatment for cancer at MSK. About 50% of these patients received treatment that poses a risk of infertility…

Although many patients want to pursue fertility preservation, financial costs pose a significant obstacle, preventing many from accessing this technology. MSK believes that having cancer should not preclude someone from having biological children. Passage of the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act would enable our patients and others across New York State to have access to these important services.”

“Infertility cuts across socioeconomic levels, and all racial, ethnic and religious lines… In fact, cost is the number one barrier to seeking family building assistance, since 46% of affected people lack insurance coverage for infertility disease treatment… We urge the Legislature to pass this bill.”

Our Mission

To ensure everyone in New York who needs fertility preservation medical treatment to prevent iatrogenic infertility due to cancer or other disease has access to that treatment, and that it is covered by health insurance as the standard of care.


The Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility avocates for health insurance coverage in New York to cover infertility treatments, so the 1 in 8 New Yorkers that struggle with infertility can have access to modern, up-to-date fertility treatments and perhaps have the baby of their dreams.

Our Goals

Advocate for changes in New York State policy to achieve fertility treatment coverage for the 1 in 8 New Yorkers that want to have a baby but cannot because they suffer from the disease of infertility.

Bring together stakeholders to unify efforts and maximize impact

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